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Welcome to my official campaign Website for Mayor of the Town of Caledon!
Since 2000, it has been an honour to serve as a Local and Regional Councillor in Ward 5! 


I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and and everyone one of you for your ongoing support and friendship! This is the start of a new chapter in my call to service. As a local resident or business owner, you deserve exemplary leadership that inspires a shared vision, challenges the process, enables action, and models the way forward! These practices will create a strong and vibrant future for all who call Caledon their home.

In the years ahead, the Town of Caledon will need a Mayor, a Team of Councillors, Directors, Managers, and Support Staff who genuinely understand the value and benefits of solid customer service and public relations. After all, our leadership team is called to serve the communities we all call home. Whether you speak at a council meeting, email your concerns or meet directly with elected officials or town staff, I believe you should always feel heard, respected and supported. A much-needed improvement plan must be created and executed to ensure this occurs, emphasizing the "How can we help you" attitude.

The CALEDON AHEAD plan I am developing will benefit all residents and communities across Caledon. CALEDON AHEAD is a local action plan that focuses on improving communication and service deliveries across our municipality. The plan will identify local priorities that require an immediate response and long-term goals to ensure Caledon is ready to embrace the growth we will experience in the decades ahead.

As your Mayor, implementing the CALEDON AHEAD plan will be my top priority.  This initiative will bring a much-needed change to our growing municipality.  Caledon has the potential to be the Crown Jewel of the Greater Toronto Area, but we need a firm plan that is fiscally responsible with a new direction to reach this goal. Growth must not come at the cost to taxpayers! I want to clarify that I am in this race for the people!


First and foremost, I will ensure that the Town of Caledon becomes a solution and resolution-based organization that will be ready to tackle the challenges we are currently experiencing.  CALEDON AHEAD is a comprehensive improvement plan that identifies goals to help move our local priorities forward. It is an action plan that responds to the ongoing service concerns that have been brought forward by residents and business owners for many years.  The plan is about our future! Together, we will all move CALEDON AHEAD!

I plan to meet the needs of residents and local businesses in our Villages, Hamlets and Communities. Understanding the unique needs of each community that makes up Caledon must be our first order of business. Ending divisiveness and promoting a unified Caledon that focuses on a "fair share" for all will ensure that no community is left behind. My plan promises to advance the neighbourhoods where we live, work, and play.  Together, we will experience a much stronger and more prosperous Caledon! Together, we will build up Caledon for future generations!!!

Thank you, everyone. I greatly appreciate your support.

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Do you want a Mayor that works for you?
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Thank you everyone for all your continued support! 

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