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Farms in Caledon

Caledon began as a farming community. Many families in our great Town have been here for generations and are still running their family farms today.

We need to strike a healthy balance between food security, the environment and protecting the value of farmland.  We need to ensure we can grow our own food locally and not depend on other countries to feed our families.  During the Covid-19 Pandemic, when borders were closed, and our goods and services were not being delivered as supply chains were interrupted, we were left vulnerable to outside forces. 

We know that agriculture is a significant pillar of our economy and will be a crucial driver of our post-pandemic recovery. Farmers have worked hard their entire lives and continue to provide healthy food and crops for our Community and the Province of Ontario.  Ontario's agriculture and agri-food sector is a vital driver of the provincial economy, contributing $39.5 billion to the GDP and supporting more than 822,000 jobs. Ontario's total agri-food exports were $14.9 billion in 2017.  Farmers deserve our respect and support, and as Mayor of Caledon, I am committed to working with our Farm Families to ensure a bright and prosperous future.

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