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In Support of Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Helping Those That Help Us!

In February of 2022, I put forward a motion at Caledon Town Council calling on the Ontario Provincial Government to rescind Bill 124, wage-suppression legislation negatively impacting registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and healthcare professionals. Unfortunately, other members of the Town Council made the decision to vote against this motion designed to support Nurses and Healthcare workers.  While the move was defeated at the Town, I was undeterred and took it to the Region of Peel, where an overwhelming majority supported and passed the motion. 

My motion reads as follows:

Requesting the Provincial Government to Rescind Bill 124

Whereas on November 7, 2019, the Protecting a Sustainable Public Sector for Future Generations Act, 2019 received Royal Assent, imposing three year periods of salary moderation and compensation restraint measures that are applicable to unionized and non-unionized public sector employees;


Whereas Nurses and other Health Professionals are considered public sector employees if employed by a public sector employer;


Whereas the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on Registered Nurses Association, more than 8,000 nursing positions are unfulfilled in Ontario;


Whereas Nurses have come forward about the physical and emotional toll the pandemic has had as cases continue to surge and staff shortages become more apparent;


Whereas Nurses are leaving full-time positions to work at private staffing agencies where they are paid adequately with a balanced schedule;


Now therefore be it resolved that the Provincial Government rescind Bill 124; and 


Further that a copy of this resolution be sent to the Honourable Doug Ford, Premier, Kyle Seeback, MP Dufferin Caledon, the Honourable Sylvia Jones, MPP Dufferin-Caledon, the Region of Peel and the Association of Municipalities in Ontario.

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Future Urgent Care Centre and Seniors Wellness Village for Caledon

Bryon Wilson Land Donation

I strongly believe that a healthy population results in a better quality of life and contributes to a  strong economy. This is why I have advocated relentlessly for the town to accept the generous gift from Bryon Wilson and his family of 20 acres of land that will be the new home of a much-needed Urgent Care Centre and Seniors Wellness Village.  
I sincerely appreciated the support of my Region of Peel colleagues from Brampton and Mississauga and Caledon's own Regional Councillor, Ian Sinclair. This facility will ensure greater access to healthcare services for the residents of Caledon and allow Seniors to receive the services they need while remaining close to home and family. Residents will no longer need to leave our community to access these health services resulting in less time travelling and will significantly assist in lessening the wait times in the Emergency Room at our larger Hospitals and reduce the need for "Hallway Medicine."

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