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Highway 413 Alternative

A Plan to Move Goods To Market Now While Protecting Our Environment

As Mayor, I will continue to advocate to the Provincial Government to extend HWY 427 to HWY 9 and beyond! I will also continue to call on the Province to allow Transport Trucks TOLL FREE ACCESS to HWY 407.  This will reduce traffic on our local roads and ease congestion on many commuter highways that Residents of Caledon rely on to get back and forth from work in the GTA.
The decision to build the 413 Highway was made by Government of Ontario however, the Federal Government plays a significant role in all major infrastructure projects with environmental concerns.  The Province has made it clear that they want to build this highway however they still need to complete environmental impact studies and earn approvals from the Federal Government to proceed.

The monumental environmental concerns with this project and the newly released information about further delays if not a complete ban on the project are yet more reasons why I think it's important for the Provincial Government to provide access free of toll charges to transport trucks.  Current issues facing our supply chains mean we need to act fast to ensure our goods and services get to market today.  We cannot wait for a highway that may never come!

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