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Open and Transparent Town Council Meetings
The People's Right To Be Heard!

The phrase open and transparent gets thrown around in politics but in most cases this is just lip service.

If elected Mayor one of the first actions I will take is to bring back Public Question Period at our council meetings.

In the past, the public had the ability to attend and speak freely on any subject they chose to at the end of council meetings.  A previous Council made the decision to remove Public Question Period from the Town’s Council  meetings.

I believe that Town Hall belongs to the residents and as Councillors we work for the residents.

The people of this town should feel welcome to attend council sessions, ask questions and voice a concerns as they see fit.  

This is democracy!

Further to open access and transparency, I will work with my colleagues to limit the use of “in-camera” sessions and use when it absolutely required by the Municipal Act of Ontario.  

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